Sunday, June 20, 2010

NetBeans plugin Code Coverage "interesting" behaviour

I decided to test the plugin for code coverage for NetBeans. Created an empty test method, activated the plugin, ran the tests and when I ask for coverage statistics it said I had not ran my tests...

I lost an hour looking for the cause of this problem but at the end all was pretty innocent...

Once I implemented some actual methods and not juts an EMPTY test method , and at least 1 line of code was invoked the statistics appeared and everything was fancy and flashy and showing some numbers...

So remember - it's not the problem in your plugin! It works... (except for single test files ) but when you run all tests, it works as nice as a baby soft skin :)


NetBeans 6.8 ME removal leads to unusable NetBeans

I had installed NetBeans 6.8 the version where all possible java technologies are bundled together.

I had no problems, but I decided to deactivate and uninstall the ME plugins... huge mistake.. The whole NetBeans became an empty shell... with just a few menus to the top and a simple editor... I was greatly surprised.

The good thing is that I installed NetBeans 6.9 and it sniffed my NetBeans 6.8 and imported all projects, copied the configurations and even the plugins... And in just 5 minutes a could continue with my work having all my configurations, no need to configure all my custom changes all over again.

So in just 30 minutes I was surprised twice by the NetBeans - the good thing is that in the end everything is working how it is supposed to be working. :)

I suppose this is something that Еclipse lacks...

//later edit:
- different Eclipse installations can share configuration with the Workspaces

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Programming language popularity

I've just stumbled upon a very interesting site showing the trend through the years regarding peoples' interest in different programming languages.

You can find it here:

TIOBE says their statistics don't show that the languages compared are better/worse than the others, or that there are more Lines Of Codes written using them now.