Sunday, August 21, 2011

Javascript - the things which make me dislike it


My experience with Javascript is at novice level but on the project I had to use it for,
as a Java developer I couldn't have noticed the following problems:

1. No spell-checking

This is a dynamically typed language meaning that it cannot auto-complete and cannot be type-safe
because you cannot know a variable's type before runtime. You can assign any type to 1 variable after its initialization...
Also it cannot be checked when you wrote "connectoin" when you actually meant "connection" and
you will get a null pointer error only at runtime...

2. Low IDE support

There is no IDE for Javascript. You basically use an editor that can highlight words (Notepad++) .
You make your own discoveries at what helps you fight with writing Javascript code.

3. Debugging is not cool

Today's browsers have integrated debugging tools for web-pages and generally Javascript but nevertheless it's still not as comfortable as setting breakpoints and then following the execution one step at a time.

Those are the few things that got me basically away from Javascripting ...

If you don't agree with my points, feel free to provide arguments against my theory.

Best regards,
Leni Kirilov 

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