Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Gradle Daemon - boost your build performance

You use Gradle and want to speed up a bit your build time? Nobody wants to wait for compilation, assembly etc. Let's try this easy to setup performance boost:

If you enable Gradle Daemons, you can actually reuse the Gradle context that you've just created for your subsequent builds! It basically doesn't completely kill the process when a Gradle build finishes, but reuses the common framework classes and thus improving build time.

I've tried it on my projects and the improvement was from a 40s build down to 20s on subsequent builds !

Here's what you need to do and know:
touch ~/.gradle/gradle.properties && echo "org.gradle.daemon=true" >> ~/.gradle/gradle.properties

  • enables Gradle daemon for all your projects by default (don't worry you can turn it off for individual projects as well)
  • if you use multiple Gradle versions, a different daemon is created for each one! This is a potential deal-breaker for some developers, but a good reason to align all your projects to a single version of Gradle.

  • in case you want to recreate the daemon, you can stop them all using:

./gradlew --stop
And that's it!

For more info check the dedicated page:

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