Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Debugging Eclipse

Today I had the chance to debug some functionality in the Eclipse IDE, or to be more precise the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio customized version of Eclipse.

The main thing about debugging is to setup your environment the right way.
There is configuration.ini file in the main directory of your IDE. Inserting specific parameters allows the NetWeaver DS to be started in debug mode and on specified port.
Then you need to start a debug session as a "Remote application" on 'localhost:port' and you are good to go.

 I managed to do that but I lost some time figuring this thing out :
- better make a copy of your IDE and not debug your IDE with the same one.

What I mean is that you can open 2 times the same IDE and debug one of them with the other but here's the tricky part. If you want to make update to a file in the IDE you want to debug, you will have to shut down both instances and start them up again. And lets suppose you have to change not 1 file but a few files, and not just 1 time, but a few times... and then you have wasted your time.

Personal advice - make a separate copy of your IDE and use it for DEBUG and leave your main IDE untouched.


Other than that, there is nothing special about it.


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