Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Just a reminder for my future posts

I'll write about the following topics in no particular order, unless somebody says explicitly that they are interested in a topic and I'll post it ASAP.

I'd like to remind myself to document my thoughts regarding these topics:

These topics will follow:
  • JDK 7 new features
    • what I like
    • what I don't like 
  • JDK 1.6 installation problems
    • hints how to solve the problems 
  • Sony PRS-600 Touch - my brand new reader (and all the fuss regarding getting it)
    • review
    • some hints, tips and tricks 
    • problems 
    • conversion tools 
  • Windows 7
    • connecting to network
    •  control panel (Back) button navigation
  • some bugs of my Dell Inspiron Laptop
    • DVD
    • strange noise 
  • Eclipse debugging
  • NetBeans 6.8 bugs
    • swing editor bugs - needs to be reported
    • main class problem
  • Laptop battery preservation  tips
    • because what I have done so far has proven me right - thoughts from experience
  • Internet Browsers
    • Opera thoughts
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • IE
  • Google Chrome OS
  • Android
  • Skype time stamp bug 
  • HDD partitioning problems
    • how not to make your data inconsistent because of pure mistake or lack of knowledge
  •  Test-Driven Development


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