Sunday, October 17, 2010

DevReach 18+19 October Sofia, Bulgaria (part1)

Expect my comments about DevReach, .net technologies and cloud computing.
I know this site is about Java and technology but I see it as a good opportunity to check what is the competition going to present to the public.

Expect updates!


Registration went smoothly. I'm eagerly expecting the beginning of the keynote in the 13th hall.

Interesting facts:
- 2010 is the 5th DevReach and it has double the speakers, sessions and attendees than the first DevReach back in 2006.

- There will be a prize for the first registers - a free Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

Vertigo's CEO is talking about User Experience.
He's presenting lots of sites that are streaming video.
A new Jay-Z's book has a site written on Silverlight - with lots of video, maps etc - very awesome.
Keynote "You have to learn about design!"

5 important areas for design:
- Industrial design
Surrounds us; he's talking about showers - Desing + Intent ! Everything is meant with a reasaon. "Observe and ask yourself why!"
"Developers, we are very good at accepting bad user experience. We can adapt. Common user can't."

- Usability
Jakob Nielson
How long does it take you to accomplish your goal?
"Honestly, people don't care about software" :)
"Don't make me think" - by Steve Krug --- about easy usage of products
"You could be embarrassed  by testing your product with real users..."

Fonts fonts fonts
They can make your intention wrong or extremely right and immersive.
He explains the curves of fonts... He says that the emptiness is more important than the black ink part of a letter.
Helvetica is his favourite font.

-Natural UI
-Motion graphics

Introduction of mouse - not as intuitive as touch screens! The presenter's daughter got confused... nice example!
Touch - become interesting when iPhone came out.
"Nobody wants a 15 000 $ coffee table..." :) Funny guy is making us laugh.

Oh my god!
He's showing us Windows Phone 7 and its intuitive UI
"You are not using Helvetica" :) - nice point!

Key concept is a caption (text) which is partly cut out of the screen and it MAKES you to slide to see the rest of the application.


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