Monday, October 18, 2010

DevReach 18+19 October Sofia, Bulgaria (part4)


Easing into Windows Phone 7 Development

 The presenter : "How many of you hade a Windows Mobile device"
.... some hands raised
he: "I'm sorry." :)

Fair enough...

BUG: Oops, first Windows Phone 7 glitch - the hold of search button didn't make the menu came up.

For developers:
Expression Blend 4.
Has a good emulator
You need a developer account for 99$ from Microsoft to unlock your phone, to debug your device.
You need Zune to connect to a device to test your application.

NOT GOOD: There is a 10 application limit... you have to uninstall some of your applications that you are developing...
That sounds like a pretty bad deal...

BUG: He said himself he found a bug. After a few application deployments, it says it can't deploy more applications and it gets fixed when you disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it again.
This is getting more and more interesting...

The memory usage cap - 90 MB of processing memory space.

PROBLEM: But using more memory produces strange exceptions following his words... he lost a lot of time until he thought of checking the memory usage.

There are dark/light theme for the Windows Phone 7.
He showed that it's easy to adapt your application to the theme.

Changing icons automatically when theme is changed - use AppBar.
- app bar is like a pop-up menu or the drag-menu in Android , but it's inside the application.

The emulator can be rotated in horizontal mode and rotates the icons with nice motion.

He raised the question:
- how do you display tooltips when there is no mouseOver event?
Well, his suggestion is design and for example wait for a few seconds and make a label visible.

Panorama - a huge background image which is automatically moved depending on the count of the items in the panorama.

Different sets of keyboards are available - chat keyboard, normal, etc


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