Thursday, October 07, 2010

Java2Days Sofia Day 1 (part1)

11Here I'm going to blog my thoughts about the sessions:

9:30 - 0. Introduction

The introduction was translated live in both English and French by two girl-students. :) They were kind of shy and inexperienced but it was funny to watch them.

Unscheduled introduction by a dude from Oracle forced the Vitosha schedule to be 30 minutes behind the other xxx2Days presentations... Great organization ...

10:00 - 1. Java EE 6 - why and how J2EE became popular again

Regarding JEE6 the new Oracle employee Alexis Pouchkine said that NetBeans is the best for JEE6 development today. Eclipse is still behind. Go go, NetBeans!

Expect more annotations in JEE6.

Ruby developers don't create applications much faster than Java developers anymore. Just 5-10% faster.

JEE6 compliant application servers are : Glassfish, Oracle's WebLogic, and a few more.

He's making a comparison between JEE5 and JEE6. JEE5 was all about making the development faster and easier, but JEE6 includes a lot of new features.

Detailed explanations for
- Bean validation
     - something like assertions with annotations for fields of beans - @Valid annotation makes validation recursive
     - you can create your own validation annotations
 - Web Profile
 - CDI - very interesting annotations for defining exact implementations and validations etc... Interesting code samples

Expect JEE7 with cloud features. If I can suppose right, I expect Java7 features as well :) That means we won't see it for another 2-3 years.


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