Monday, October 18, 2010

DevReach 18+19 October Sofia, Bulgaria (part2)


Internet Explorer 9
Roman Russev from Microsoft Slovakia is speaking about it.
fast / clean / secure / interoperable

He takes notice of the new open policy of Microsoft - the open beta releases of Win7, IE etc

Interesting features are like pinning pages from IE directly to the taskbar of Windows7.

Visual Studio 2010 Light Switch
It's all about data and screens.
It's a tool for not-developers to create business applications - making it easier.

First step - "choose a language, you can decide how are you going to deploy it later"
Next step - describe the data for the application

It looks very point-n-click.

Next step - building a screen. Just adding a template hooks the data with the look.
Many out-of-the-box stuff added like - search bar, ribbon, tabs etc...

Looks pretty nice to have all these and not work hard to implement them.


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