Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DevReach 18+19 October Sofia, Bulgaria (part5)


Designing Applications in the era of Many-core Computing:

This session was about making a unparalleled program use all cores of a CPU.
The presenter was a Romanian so his program was the recipee for making goulash.
He used threading on a higher level with a structure called a Task.
A tasks can be combined to be one after another by a lambda expressions.

Building RESTful Applications with the Open Data Protocol

The last session I attended was one regarding RESTful services.
The presenter was very high-spirited and it was a joy to listen to his explanations.
So REST services is exposing a service to be accessed  via pure URL address through the browser. 
Using the HTTP methods POST GET UPDATE DELETE to access the service if you have the access rights.

He demonstrated how to connect to such a service via a client.

He created an REST service. 
He showed an easy API to do paging for the service.

It was a very nice presentation. 


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