Thursday, October 07, 2010

Java2Days Sofia Day 1 (part5)

Quotes from other sessions not that interesting:

JSF has no pros
Oracle + Sun =  Snoracle

16:00 - 5. Building RESTFul Web Services with Java  Vassil Popovski, VMware

REST Principles:
-- everything is a resource
-- resources have identifiers
-- uniform access
-- resources have representations
-- link things together

HTTP methods

JAX-RS - java API for rest services. The presenter says that this SRS seems readable.*

JAX-RS = POJO + Annotations

Best implementation of JAX-RS is CXF

Key concepts
- resource classes - have at least 1 resource method
- resource methods - annotated with @POST @GET etc
- provider classes  - extending JAX-RS interface

More commonly-used annotations:
@Path - relative path for a resources
@Consumers / @Produces - for media types
 - produces = output
 - consumes = input
@QueryParam - inject the value of a query into a variable

- scalable solutions
- compared to SOAP is much simpler


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