Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DevReach 18+19 October Sofia, Bulgaria (part6)


HTML 5 crash course

HTML 5 is connected with everything that is modern and flashy today. 
Introduction of iPad is in the same day as the HTML5 introduction.
Adobe vs Apple conflict.

"Apple is becoming the most important company in the US"

www.html5rocks.com - some tricks, a site recommended.

Browser vendors love HTML 5 because they don't want their products to be 'old'.
HTML 5 is pushed into the history.

HTML5 is not ready yet. It's good

The sad facts:

60% of Internet is used with IE6, IE5 and IE7 - they don't support HTML5.
60% Windows XP
15% still use IE 6.
91% of the browser users use Windows - they have the grip

Silverlight updates are quicker - they are pushed with automatic updates with Windows.

In his oppinion "Html 5 > 4"

www.html5test.com - test the browser about html5 support
Chrome - 217 + 10 bonus
IE8 - 27 + 0 bonus
Opera 10.61 - 159 + 7 bonus

Microsoft will never get 100% for ACID3 test because they don't want to support SVG fonts.

HTML5 template is with a DTD... nobody validates it with a DTD. "A pain in the ass" - quote.
AJAX was never specified.... they reverse-engineered it.
HTML5 has a spec - that makes it a lot different. The error behaviour consistent.

He simplified the HTML5... - charset, language, DTD validation - cleaner.

New semantic tags:
Old way - meaningless IDs for "div" tag
Google statistics : code.google.com/webstats about names of ID
They took the statistics and used the mostly used words and make them special words. They made the best practices rules in HTML5.

WebMatrix - interesting free tool for building web sites. Part of the WebPlatform. It's a direct competitor to PHP.
Razor + MVC  --- "in a 6 months will be the hottest thing"

"Microsoft's primary goals this year - Azure, IE9 and HTML5"

Modernizer - javascript lib for audio
html5shim .code.google.com -- javascript for adding HTML5 tags to IE6 (which doesn't support it)

html5 - audio tag
html5boilerplate - best add-on pack for html5

"Silverlight version of video is adaptive to the broadband width"

Google created a site to refer to for fonts instead of distribute them in your own site as a local copy.


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  1. Interesting article! I've done with this testing site and here are my results:
    1. Firefox 4.0 - 240+9 bonus points (whatever that means)
    2. Chrome 10.0.648.204 - 288+13 bonus points
    3. IE9.0 - 130+5 bonus points
    4. Opera 11.1 (build 1190) - 234+7 bonus
    5. Safari 5.0.5 - 228+7 bonus
    6. Firefox 3.6.16 - 155+4 bonus

    These results are on Win7 x64 env.
    On the other hand on Linux (Ubuntu 10.10 x86):
    1. Firefox 4.0 - same as on Win7
    2. Opera 11.1 (build 1190) - same as on Win7
    3. Chromium 10.0.648.133 - same as on Win7 with Google Chrome