Thursday, October 07, 2010

Java2Days Sofia Day 1 (part2)

11:00 - 2.Introduction to Spring Integration and What's new in Spring Integration 2.0
Josh Long & Oleg Zhurakousky, VMWare

Pipes and Filters - this is the basics of Spring - similar to Linux.
=> loose coupling mechanism

(Interesting way of question->answer way to present your product. The two presenters are great!)

Channels are comfortable for postponed communication. When both sides aren't presented at the same moment in time. a.k.a publish/subscribe.

Pipes are channels
Filters are endpoints.

Message endpoint types:
Transformers  - convert payload or modify headers
Filters - discard messages based on boolean evaluation
Router - determine next channel based on content
Splitter - generate multiple messages from one
Aggregator - assemble a single message from multiple

Spring Integration - it's integrated in the Spring framework.
(long demo with small letters... not everybody sees that good and they didn't zoom it permanently...)

(next part)

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