Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DevReach 18+19 October Sofia, Bulgaria (part7)


Dynamic State Storage Using the ASP.NET Provider Model

Interesting session about creating a storage for an application and making it with a unified interface.
Dealing with problems when you have same kind of storage collections.
Using the isolateUser, isolateProvider.

Nice design for his library.

HTML5 and CSS3

SVG vs Canvas
SVG is slower for animatons
Canvas is not suitable for low number of items which can be interacted with

-ms ; -o ; -moz ; -webkit ---- these are specific for certain browser, default is used otherwise

LESS - JS library that reduces and makes CSS easier when supporting different browsers
Modernizr - make your site supporting older browsers (IE6 >)

Recognize older/new browser --- the property "autofocus" -- tricky attribute

CSS3 can put round edges for rectangles; 3D shadows; rotate images ... lots of nice animation

DRY principle - Don't Repeat Yourself
Assumption Driven Programming - don't assume something instead of asking the user
Dependency Injection principle
The God class - the one great class that does everything


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